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Born somewhere in the US, between 1970 and 1995, during a simpler time than today. Most of us had one TV, no cell phones, we rode bikes, and after our chores, we played all day until dusk. When we were old enough to get a job, we saved to buy our own car with our hard earned money. We often had to look after one or more siblings, as many of our parents both started working outside the home.


We came home for family dinner and helped with setting the table, dishes, and then did homework. We may have taken a family vacation once a year. We learned to work hard, either on a farm, from our parents careers or watching their example running their own business, or with our own job. We had to be creative. Video games became popular and drew some us into the competition of trying to be the notable high scorer. If mom was working, we could play for hours, but if she was home, she would want us to go outside ride a bike, build a snow fort or read a book instead.


Some of our friends parents got divorced and many of us sensed how much that must have been hard. We saw the pain in their eyes or felt it ourselves. Women usually got custody of the children and dads found it hard to lead and influence as before.


Today, these Dads are raising children of their own. Some are married, some are single, some are wrestling with how to lead another man's children and earn trust and respect. One thing they all have in common, is they are deeply in love with their children. They want to connect with them and have a meaningful relationship. We want our children to be happy, to be successful, to feel loved and that they can always come to us. We want a healthy relationship with a wife and to be her loyalty, love and be her knight in shining armor for as long as we both shall live.


We struggle with a new level of competition that comes with electronics and social media that seem to hijack our relationships and almost all communication with our family. It's hard to get everyone together on the same page. It seems sometimes like we are co-existing. The coveted magical moments when the spark of curiosity and connected conversations occur are few and far between. Paying the bills and providing for their needs is a top priority, but there is a hunger to know them, to understand them and influence them at a higher level.


If this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place. We help fathers, mothers and children turn their hearts to each other. Our Top Dad's Father Leadership Program helps men LEAD-LOVE-LIFT their families with a lifelong flight plan that makes navigating the daily turbulence so much easier. We are glad you are here. Stay awhile, and explore opportunities to become the husband/father they dream of in this most sacred greatest calling on Earth.



Desmon Butts, CFI

Father, Husband, Grandpa, Author


"As a captain of commercial aircraft, with thousands of hours in the cockpit, I share the correlation of being a great pilot and safely navigating the turbulence of your 'family jet'."

Crissy Butts, Co-Pilot

Mother, Wife, Mimi, Author, Cheerleader


"Too often women slide into their husband's side of the cockpit and take over the controls, sending their 'family jet' into a spin.

We must support men becoming great leaders at home."

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